Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

special for you

"I wanna get back to the old days, when the phone would ring and I knew it was you.."

"When you left I lost a part of me.."

"Everything means nothing if I ain't got you.."

"I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you.."

"Please be careful with my heart, you can take it, just don't break it.."

"In a dream, you appear, for awhile, you were here so I keep sleeping just to keep you with me.."

 "Unbreak my heart, say you'll love me again.."

"I wanna be with you, if only for a night, to be the one whose in your arms who holds you tight.."

" Everytime I see you in my dreams, I see your face, it's haunting me, I guess I need you baby.."

"Say that you wanna be with me too, cause I'm gonna stay trough it all so jump then fall into me.."

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